Who We Are

Peggy Britt is President and founder of The Ipsa Group. She is a third-generation North Carolina lawyer, and her contacts across the state run deep. She holds a J.D. from Wake Forest University School of Law and a B.A. from Davidson College. She clerked with Judge Hugh Wells of the Court of Appeals and was a litigation associate at Newsom, Graham, Hedrick, Bryson and Kennon in Durham.

In 1989, Peggy began a 15-year career in strategic planning and fundraising for nonprofit organizations. She ran her own consulting firm for eight years, gaining a reputation for building the strong relationships crucial to securing million dollar gifts for university clients.

This "bridge" experience between law and recruiting sets her apart from other recruiters in the legal field. Her ability to quickly gauge client needs, culture and management style was honed in dozens of organizational assessment interviews over the years. Peggy is also a skilled communicator, backed by a year's coursework in the UNC School of Journalism Masters Program in Public Relations.

Peggy's ability to build relationships is the bedrock of her successful recruiting of partners, practice groups and in-house counsel. Peggy's approach to recruiting is based on establishing solid relationships with all parties. She takes the long view; after all, she'll be attending CLE's with her clients and candidates for years to come.

Peggy lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her two children, whom she hopes will grow up to be…dentists.

Peggy Britt, President
The Ipsa Group, LLC