The Ipsa Group

In law school, we all learned the Latin term, “Res Ipsa Loquitur.”

The thing speaks for itself.

At The Ipsa Group, we believe in quiet legal recruiting . Recruiting of laterals, partners and practice groups for firms and in-house departments requires the highest level of integrity, discretion, and attention to personal relationships. The greatest creativity in approaching a candidate’s opportunities or a client’s needs. The most targeted planning, and the hardest work.

We also believe in strategic legal recruiting. We work with you — client or candidate — to help you discover your strengths as well as your needs, and how those strengths can best be presented in the marketplace. We then build on our relationships in the legal community to achieve the best match—and to help you achieve your personal, practice and organizational goals.

Integrity. Discretion. Trust.

Our placements speak for themselves.

The Ipsa Group, LLC